My birthday is nearly here. While it is fun to receive birthday cards and texts, seeing relatives post pictures on Instagram from when I was young (I would say small, but, measuring just under five foot proves I am still small and only going to get smaller as we shrink with age) and receiving gifts, there is also a joy that comes with doing something for others.

In celebration of my upcoming birthday I have decided to do a special giveaway – a little something different and fun.

First, the giveaway. I have been getting back into pen sketching and while I am not great it is something I enjoy trying. The following pictures are a few samples I have been play with – while Spring may be on my mind, it will not be on the cards as there is still some time left to winter here in Michigan.


The winner of the giveaway will receive four cards (one a week). As writing is my passion, and the whole point of this giveaway is to do something for another, these cards will not be blank for you to give away; instead, each one will have a little note of encouragement, motivation, inspiration or whatever else I can think of to put inside for your benefit. Hopefully it brightens the day of whoever the recipient may be – it could be you.

The Rules…

The rules are simple. There are 3 steps.

Step One: Like or comment on this post. This action places your name into my hat, basket, or bag (unless I can figure out how to pick a winner with an online app) from which the winner will be drawn.

Step Two: Come back to my blog on February 13th to read a post revealing the winner. Who will it be?

Step Three: If I have announced you as the winner email your address to me at on or before February 15th. If you are the winner you will then receive one card a week for four weeks. (Your address will be kept private and is only used as a means to send the cards.)

I am excited about this giveaway and hope that you are as well. If the thought of finding more than bills and junk mail in your mailbox excites you, then scroll down and like this post. Also, tell your friends and family.

Now, on to going and making today a most wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway

  1. What a marvelous idea! I didn’t “like” this because there are many others who need encouragement more than I do, so I didn’t want my name in the pot for the drawing. I hope your upcoming birthday is super special.

    Liked by 1 person

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