Because God is very good. Last night at church the verse I worked on with my class of children was Genesis 1:31 “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.”

When God does something He does not do it halfway or halfheartedly. The things God makes are very good. God has created us and therefore He made us very good. Oh sure, we may each have things we see as a handicap in our lives; however, those areas are not mistakes. The areas we see as negative aspects are there because God saw fit they were needed. Sometimes we need to be weak so that we allow God to move through and use us. Those weaknesses are often the things that keep us close to God, reminding us we really cannot do this life without Him.

The next time you feel discouraged about an aspect of your life, the next time you find yourself thinking about your “flaws”, remember, that which God makes is “very good”. He made you exactly the way He intended. Allow your weakness to make you stronger in other areas. Allow that which you see as a flaw to draw you closer and lean more on the God who has not only made the Universe, but, also made each of us. He desires that we spend time in His word and talk with Him in prayer.

The next time you feel discouraged and think you are a failure, the next time all you can see are your flaws, stop a moment. Stop and remember how it says in Genesis 1:31 that “God saw ever thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” God does not make mistakes, we simply have to learn to trust God and allow Him to use that which we see as a flaw, to bring us closer to Him.

Life can be good.

More often than not, the times we fail to see life as good is because we are focusing on the wrong areas. Accept your flaws and allow God to make you better because of them. He will.

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Now, go and live a wonderful day!


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