Each morning God presents to us a new day, with new opportunities. We can either seize those opportunities, or, we can allow them to pass. The last few weeks have found me seizing the doors that have opened and trying things I have never done before. It is exciting to watch myself learn and grow, all while my capabilities are expanding.

The more we read, try, and do, the more we learn and grow. Inadvertently, one of my goals has become trying new things. When doors of opportunity open I am not letting  them pass without my making some attempt in pursuance.

About a week or two ago I started looking at each new morning as a day full of adventure just waiting to happen. When we live expecting something good or exciting to happen, the day ends up being more joyful. Do not go around with the mulligrubs,  expecting failure or disappointment; instead, put a smile on your face and anticipate a great adventure.

There was a cartoon my siblings and I watched, wow, about, 20 years ago now, called “Fluppy Dogs”. A sentence one of the dogs spoke has stuck with me all these years “Adventure Tommy, adventure!”

Life is an adventure. We do not know what is down the next path, or what may even come to pass in the next hour. If we are excited about living, and see each day as an adventure, I am pretty sure some exciting things will come to pass. This month it has been true for me.

So remember, “Adventure Tommy, adventure!”

What adventures are you experiencing in 2017?


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