Often, when people set goals whether it is to do, learn, or experience something, they want it now.

Whether learning an instrument, starting a business, selling handmade items, or losing weight, one key factor people overlook is that of time. True, action must be taken to achieve. However, no matter how many salads you eat in one day you will not be fit the next. It does not matter if you practice your songs non stop the first two weeks after your first music class, you will not be able to play any sheet music you find.

It does not matter how many social media platforms you use, how many phone calls you make, or how many emails you send, building a successful business is not a weekend activity.

Desiring to grow is excellent. Taking action will move you in that direction. However, with all of your doing, time too is a factor in growing, changing and learning.

Results cannot be rushed. Whatever it is you endeavor to achieve begins with you taking a step from this moment in time, not from where you wish you could start. Do not waste time wishing you had begun five weeks, months, years ago. Spending time wishing you had begun sooner is a waste of time; instead, begin today.

As you set out to achieve your desire, remember, it takes time to grow, it takes time to experience results.

Begin growing today.


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