Today marks the second Sunday of February and with it comes the start of a new week. There is something about beginnings that excite me and make me feel that I have opened my notebook of life to a new page. Whether it is the start of a new year, month, week, or even a new day, the past is in the past, and this fresh start allows for opportunity of doing things differently. This morning is a fresh start from last week. Now, while last week was a good, an excellent one for me, this week holds new opportunities and excitements.

No matter how difficult, or what pain or disappointments were encountered last week, this week is fresh and new. Like Anne of Green Gables view of days, I like to view a new week as one without mistakes.

We cannot tell what this week will bring. Who knows, in several years time we may be able to look back and realize it was one of the greatest weeks of our life.

Instead of living life expecting it to be the same as always we should instead anticipate God living through us in a marvelous fashion. He wants to use us, but too often we get in His way, too often we fail to follow His leading.

Look to God with excitement as you start this week. When He opens a door of opportunity, seize it and do not let go. When a chance to do something kind or helpful for another presents itself, follow through and take a moment to be kind. You may never know how much your act of kindness will mean to another – even something as simple as sending a card – but the little kindnesses often make a huge impact.

Life is going to pass us by whether we are merely existing, or, if we are living up to the potential God has available for each one of us.

For my own part, I am going to view this week as having the potential to be the best one of my life.

How do you view a new week?


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