Monday is coming to a close and I hope it found you living with an excitement in beginning the adventures of a new week.

It is not our situations that determine our emotion.  No, we choose the emotions that come forth.  If we are sad, angry, irritated, happy, or excited, it is because of a choice.  Now, certain situations can lend themselves to a specific emotion; however, in the end, it is the choice we made.  Choose to trust and rely on God.  Choose to be happy, forgiving, and excited.

When Times are Dark

If this week finds you walking a dark path, get on your knees and ask God to supply you with the needed strength.  He will.  As Philippians 4:13 (one of my favorite verses) says, “I can do all the things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  Not some, not a few, not once and awhile.  If the thing we are trying to do is in accordance to Christ’s will for our life (thus through Christ) we will receive the needed strength.

Trust and rely on The Lord’s strength. Let him provide the strength you are lacking today.

Life can be full of fear, disappointments, worry, discouragement, irritation, and a long list of other negative feelings when we allow our situations to determine our outlook on life.  The question is, will we allow ourselves to become shackled to our circumstances, or, will we choose a better emotion.

Path of Sunshine

Throughout my life I have met several individuals who, no matter how difficult the circumstance they traveled, went through life with a smile.  That joy comes for God alone.

If this Monday finds you on a path of sunshine (as it does for me) you need to share those bright rays with others.  As you do, your day and week will increase in joy and sunshine.

Whether your own day is full of shadows, or, sunshine, take time to be a friend and encouragement to another.  Look around and find someone whose day is darker than your own.  When you take time for that individual your own day will shine just a bit brighter.

Enough with the Monday Blues.  Instead, let us see this day as the start of a great, big adventure.

Here is to Happy Mondays!


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