Now I realize yesterday was Pi Day not Pie Day; however, if it is pronounced Pie then that means I aught to make and eat pie. Family did not object either.

When it comes to pies I have many associations and memories. Nana making an abundance of them for Thanksgiving then passing the torch on to my mom, who in time passed the torch on to my sister and I. The time my mom dropped a cherry pie out on the driveway – may not be a pleasant memory, but it exists just the same. The first pie my brother and I made (we mangled that dough and still it turned out delicious).

We each have our preferences in the way we like making our pies. Nana and mom make thin delicate crusts. My sister is the one who creates the fancy lattice patterns. I make thick crusts which are excellent for dipping into vanilla ice cream.

Memories can be made from, and associated with, anything. Pies (and food in general) are associated with a lot of mine.

What do you associate great memories with?  What new memories and associations can you create?


2 thoughts on “Memories and Their Associations

  1. One Thanksgiving mice nibbled two mincemeat pies on the dining room table during the night. Ugh! I whipped together two more before going to church. The children thought I would have a meltdown. Their memory of the day??? They were shocked and still remember that I didn’t explode. They didn’t realize I didn’t have TIME to get upset.


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