The morning hours are a precious commodity. Once they are spent we cannot get them back. Whether we sleep in, spend time in devotions, accomplish our most dreaded task, get out and exercise, prepare for the day, look at social media, write, or answer emails, once these hours have passed they are lost to us.

The morning hours are the time that set the mood for the rest of the day. We can either set ourselves up for failure, or, as I would prefer, set ourselves up for a day of productivity. The best way for me to prepare for the day is to spend time in prayer and reading God’s word. If I fail to take time to be in my Saviour’s presence I find my day does not go as smooth as when I do take the time.

What actions make your day run smoother?

Time slips past so fast. Life “is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” James 4:14. Looking back over momentous occasions in my life it is unbelievable how many years have passed since each of those occurred. We cannot get back those days that are gone, and so, it is a waste of time to dream and wish what we could have done. What we have is today, this morning. Even now it is fast slipping away. Are you spending these hours in a way that is leading you in that way which God and you desire to live? Each step we take, each action performed, is leading us down a path. Staying up late watching movies, which results in waking late, leads down a different path than if we were to go to bed at a descent hour, thus allowing us to wake early feeling refreshed and ready to accomplish the tasks of the day.

The question we should ask ourselves is, are we letting life vanish away, or, are we doing something worthwhile? Jumping around on social media platforms, binge watching movies, random internet searches can all zap our time. Instead of letting these morning hours vanish, consciously choose how they will be spent.

How do you spend your morning hours?


3 thoughts on “Morning Hours

  1. I have devotions in the middle of the night when I wake up, so I’m set for the day when the alarm rings. We walk before we do anything else. I have to wait an hour after taking a pill, so that’s a good time to get in the exercise. We have breakfast and go to our computers where I read blogs and John gets news via streaming radio. It’s amazing how fast the morning hours evaporate.

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    1. If you are waking up during the night, might as well use those hours. Walking is a great way to begin the day. Not only are you getting exercise in, it gives time to clear your head and get focused for the day.


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