Yesterday marked a momentous occasion. It may be something small, but exciting nonetheless. My first post for the website of another has been published. You can read it on Right Size Life. Another step has been taken along this path of writing. Each step teaches me something, it grows my confidence, and brings me to places I never realized possible. Writing for someone else is a bit intimidating. While writing the article I questioned whether or not it is what he wanted, if he would like it, and, if my writing was good enough.

Even when we are uncomfortable or afraid to try something new, we need to do it anyway. It is the times like these that we learn a great deal.

The next time an opportunity presents itself, do not over think your answer. Ask yourself if it leads down the path you want to go, if your answer is yes, seize the opportunity – even if it scares you. Often, the experiences which cause growth are the things that scare us the most. Facing fears allows us to obtain strength on the other side.

Not only should we seize opportunities, we too should actively seek them out. Whether you are wanting to get your writing published, considering starting a business, want to travel and have new experiences, or get a new job, you need to go out their and put yourself in situations that will lead to doors opening along your desired path.

Rarely do doors open on their own. We have to be out there looking and trying to open them.

Seize the opportunities that present themselves and go out there looking for more. In the end, you will be glad you did.

Are you on a path you want to follow? If not, what can you do to switch paths?


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