Far too often, as childhood is left behind, years pass, we become adults, grow up, we forget to look at the world with wonder and excitement. We see things as tasks, chores, and responsibilities. We forget about the wonder we used to know. The truth is, we only have to open our eyes to see things that are amazing, exciting, and spectacular.

I have chickens and my niece adores them. When she sees them, her eyes twinkle with delight. Her little feet patter across the yard, a squeal of delight escapes her lips. Running up to the gate she shakes it indicating she wants inside their pen, desires to be closer, to chase these spectacular creatures.

Before her love of chickens was discovered, my routine of feeding them and collecting eggs occurred with little thought. Now, I cannot help but smile every time I hear them cluck or pass their pen. Chickens are no longer something we have always had – or, seem to have always had. They have once again become something special. It took the eyes of a very sweet, much loved niece to remind me that there is a wonder and excitement in these chickens.

There comes times in life when we must open our eyes with a renewed wonder. See things as though for the first time, and realize, we are surrounded by that which is amazing. When God created the world, He did so with vibrant colors, beautiful designs, an eye for detail, and a vivid imagination.

Instead of being wrapped up in checking off tasks, reaching goals, and finding success, we need to take time to enjoy the little things that surround everyday, sometimes boring, normal life. If we focus only on pushing forward, when the goal is completed, or success is met, we will find we missed out on a precious time of life. A time we can never get back.

Yes, goals, and striving to move forward is important. Without growth we will wither. At the same time, we need to take time to walk in the rain, smell the flowers, chase bubbles, and see life with the wonder and twinkling eyes of a child.

The next time you find yourself stressed over the next step in life, or wishing your goal was achieved, pause and remember, in the eyes of a child, chickens are pretty cool.


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