Life is an exciting adventure no matter the circumstances experienced – that is, when we allow God to remain in control.  Whether good or bad times come He always has a gold nugget for us to glean, a lesson to learn, an experience to have so that we may be of help and comfort to another.  The life each of us lives starts out as an empty book with each page representing a day .  As each day is lived a new page is filled.  The choices we make, failures and successes had, illnesses faced,  family raised, and the places we explore are slowly added to our book telling a specific story unlike any other.  The experiences we go through will – if we allow them – make us stronger and better.  The greatest joy of growing through both adversity and times of joy is that we become more prepared to educate, mentor, and encourage others.

May we see life as a wonderful adventure in which we allow God to lead and direct, then, when our life comes to an end we have something we can leave behind so as to help another.

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3 thoughts on “Why Melanie Fellman Writes

  1. Awesome Melanie. Keep on writing and sharing your wisdom. God can use us all IF we but DO as He shows to fulfill HIS purposes for us. Awesome that the Creator has a long range plan that we can plug into!

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