Welcome to my Bookshelf of published books.

Reading has always been a passion of mine.  Ever since I can remember, leaving the library with a single book has been nearly an impossible feat (something I may have accomplished once or twice).  More often than not I am found heading to the car with a heaping bag of books – more depending on how many bags were left in my car.  Books contain knowledge, ideas, and adventures.  By opening the cover, and reading a page, new knowledge, skills, ideas, and adventures are available.

Naturally my love of reading has expanded to a love of writing as well.  This has led to my writing ebooks.  I love researching and putting the knowledge and ideas I come across into my own words that The Lord leads me to write.

By clicking on the images below you can read a sampling of each book on amazon.  Enjoy!

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Grow and Achieve Your Goal in 2017 by [Fellman R.N., Melanie M.]

My newest ebook is available on amazon!  Over the years have you had difficulty sticking with your goals?  If so, make 2017 a year of change, a year where progress is made, and consistency and perseverance is your motto.



Learn to face your fears and live in confidence. Click on the cover to read a sample for free on Amazon.

Listening is a vital aspect of everyday life. Applying this skill to the conversations you take part in will allow you to experience communications of lasting value. This important skill allows you to delve deeper into the lives of others while also allowing you to see a side of people you never saw before – all for lack of listening. The simple act of reading this book will teach you that listening is an important and essential aspect for great conversations. Unlocking the doors leading to communication of value require you to go beyond reading the words contained in this book. To truly learn how to listen you must apply what you read. Begin learning how to listen today and start an exciting adventure of communication that matters.

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Stress is a common occurrence in life, college is no exception. The time required to research and write papers, attend classes, study material, and work a job can and does cause stress for many individuals. College life lends itself to a stressful experience; however, it is not a requirement. This book has been written with the intention of providing you with the necessary means so as to avoid, decrease, and manage your stress.

Within these pages you will…

Discover what creates and triggers your stress.

Understand your attitude is closely related to the stress you experience.

Recognize poor coping skills.

Learn which methods you should implement to begin avoiding, decreasing, and managing your stress immediately.

And more!