I sit here typing while the few minutes left of March 1st (the 60th day of the year) tick away.  I should probably go to bed; however, there are a few thoughts needing to be typed out.  There is no hurry to finishing this article as it cannot be posted till the internet is working again – yesterday’s storm may have had a part to play in my lack of connection.  Currently a storm blows on the other side of the wall.  The wind stirs and moans.  There is something endearing about a winter storm.  Oh sure, they have an eerie and lonely sound; and yet, there is something which requires me to stop and listen.  To be still.  Something we all should do from time to time.

March first is nearly over.  The 60th day of 2017 is about to pass.

How is 2017 going for you?  Are you moving toward your goals, experiencing success, and growing?  I hope that you are.  If you are not, it is not too late.  Even now you can begin again.  You can start working toward your goal, do something that moves you in the direction of success, and take a step (no matter how small) which causes growth.

This has been an exciting year for me.  Not because of any grand achievements on my part; rather, it is the little daily steps in which I am learning and growing, those that are slowly yet consistently moving me toward a bigger picture.

Success is never an overnight achievement.  There is always something that took place long in advance.  Hours of researching, studying, and implementing, putting in hours of work, meeting with failure after failure.  Much takes place behind the scenes of an end result.  When we focus on meeting with success today we set ourselves up for failure.  When we focus on growing in the moment and take steps which lead toward our goals, we will, in time, reach the goal and success.

Life is a journey.  Sometimes we will take a wrong turn, be forced to take a detour, the road may end without notice, the bridge may be out, there may be a stopped train blocking our path, or, a storm may arise causing us to pull over.  Obstacles are a part of life.  We can allow them to stop us in our tracks and use them as an excuse to turn around and go home, or, they can cause us to become creative and look for an alternative route in order that we might reach our destination.

Do you find yourself quitting when obstacles show their face, or, do you use your imagination and try something outside the box?

When it comes to goals and reaching for success, the important key to remember is learn and grow.  Each day needs to find us taking a step – even a miniscule one.  In time, our destination will be met, our goals will be accomplished, and success will be achieved.

Sixty days of 2017 have almost passed.  The last few minutes are ticking away even now as my fingers move across the keyboard.  Looking back, there are areas in which improvement and success has taken place.  Areas in which I have grown and opportunities seized.  There are also hours and days wasted, problems occurring due to procrastination, and areas in which I could and should have done better.

No matter what we have or have not accomplished in the past 60 days, each morning is a new, a fresh start.  It does not matter how productive we have or have not been in the past.  What counts is what we do with today.

Where will you be 60 days from now?

It is my endeavor to learn and grow even more over the course of the next 60 days.

What are your plans?





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