Goals can at times seem to take forever to reach. Day after day we may take a step forward only to feel as though we have moved back a few. It is easy to become discouraged which often leads to people quitting before reaching what they had set out to achieve. This is where patience comes into play.

In this day and age patience is a virtue often lacking. When loading a website we expect it to happen immediately. If we put forth a question we do not want to wait for the answer. This past year I have noticed that patience has greatly decreased regarding driving. Constantly I must watch for drivers around me who are running red lights, cutting people off, and crazily weaving back and forth to pass those they deem too slow and in the way. We are now into the third month of the year and already many have quit their goals and decided it required more effort than they desired to put forth. They decided not to move forward with patience.

Patience is a requirement when it comes to successfully finishing. Without moving forward with patience it is easy to become frustrated and quit rather than persevere. When you feel discouraged and think no advancement has been made I encourage you to take another step. Stay with your goal and follow through with the plan. When you patiently move forward toward that which you desire to achieve you can meet with success.

Are you patiently moving forward?


4 thoughts on “Patiently Moving Forward

    1. It can indeed be difficult to enjoy the present moments when our mind is whirling with thoughts and things needing to be accomplished. Life provides us ample opportunity to put this virtue into practice. If, or when, we fail today we are able to try again tomorrow.

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