It is easy to create a rut by performing the same things day after day. Such a life can hinder us from growing, learning, and changing. Time passes. We grow older. We die. A question we should ask ourselves is whether or not we are learning new information and enjoying new experiences. Sometimes we must simply make the decision to be bold and decide to become a bit adventurous. Being bold requires a bit of change. Whether that change is learning or trying something new, doing something old in a new way, or wearing a color usually avoided it is good to get out of the box we put ourselves in and make way for change.

Changes – even small ones – can and often are scary. Despite the fear change can create it is good for us to allow and even cause a change. The discomfort experienced when trying something new is a sign we are allowing ourselves to grow into something more than that which we currently consist.

Yellow used to be a color I hated for clothing and was one I never wore. Somewhere along the way a yellow shirt found its way into my possession.  After it sat in my drawer for some time I finally decided to branch out and try wearing this bright yellow shirt. The result of this change made a few years ago is that yellow is now a color gladly worn. This happy and friendly color makes the days when it is worn appear a little bit brighter and a little bit happier.

It is good for us to do things that make us feel a little bit awkward. When we step outside of our comfort zone we will find that the box we live inside grows. The more things we try and learn the bigger our box becomes. Go ahead and be a little bold and adventurous. No matter how big or small the change is try something new and see how you grow and learn in the process.

How have or how can you be a little bold, a little adventurous, by making a change?




3 thoughts on “Be Bold Be Adventurous

  1. Love this idea of our boxes growing when do new things and step outside our comfort zone. Definitely want to try some new things. Also, just wanted to thank you for following my blog!


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